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September 1, 2009

A Little Pink On The Inside

So I’ve not been feeling well since yesterday.

Initially I thought it might be the fish and chips I had for lunch yesterday.

For some reason the fish didn’t look right, I ate more chips than fish, neither of which was a good idea.

I made it through the morning today, still not feeling well, got through a two hour training session, came home and tried to make a game plan for the rest of the day.

I didn’t even consider lunch.

By my afternoon appointment, I was really worried they might see my lunch from yesterday in their conference room.

But, it was too late to back out, I plowed ahead, got some crackers, and an hour and a half later, made it back home and crawled into bed at 4 pm, the work day nearly done.

Got the kids dinner, homework, normal sarcasm from Jordan all night when, at about 9 pm as Tyler is headed off to bed, he casually mentions to me, ‘oh yeah, Kelsey (ex-girlfriend who’s been at my house frequently up until, um, Sunday which is when I guess, as Tyler put it, ‘it didn’t work out.’) has the swine flu.’

Hello. Did ya not see me in bed with covers up to my chin at 4 pm?

I said, “Tyler, could you have told me that a little sooner?”

Typical 2009 teenager reply, “well mom, it’s not like were doing the wild thing on the couch. She just came over and watched movies in the living room.”

Ugh. I guess he needs to go back and YouTube or Google biology and germs and swine flu and see that her hand on my front door was enough to turn us all into little oinkers.

And dad, if you are reading this, did I ever, in my 18 years under your roof, refer to ‘doing the wild thing?’ Can you even imagine me saying that now as a just turned 40 year old?

I asked him how sick she is-I feel sick but fortunately, I’ve held down my food, just not feeling well at all-he said she has a temp of 103.

So, if I vanish for a day or two, just know I’m at home, sprouting a cute little curly Q of a tail, and ‘m hoping by Labor day weekend that I’m not taking care of four little piglets.

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