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May 25, 2009

Memorial Day & Super Glue

So today is Memorial Day, the day that we are all so grateful for because...there is no work. Not that we don't all get two days off each week to rest but somehow the third day off seems like a blessing from the work Gods, especially when the said day of rest falls on a Monday.

I think there need to be more Memorial Days, really, we might all come to work more refreshed. Maybe? I would love to say that we all appreciate Memorial Day because of what it was originally intended for-a day to remember the men and women who have given their lives and continue to serve in order to protect our country. But, I think the reality is we are all just glad to have a day off to rest and maybe spend some time with our family. I hope to be thankful for both these days.

The kids have managed to spend the day outside.

Given video games and the internet, every moment they spend outside, I dont care if they are in a street brawl at this point, every outside moment they have makes me happy.

Okay a street brawl with no injuries would be preferable.

The less time they spend with some form of an electronic gadget in front of them or in their hand, the better.

That being said, I received the following call a few minutes ago:

Chase: Mom, I sort of fell at Charlies pool and scraped my face. Will (Charlie's 16 year old brother) said the cut is deep.

Me: Come home and let me see.

Chase: Well can't you come get me?

Me: Is is THAT bad?

Chase: Here Mom, talk to Will (and yes, I am wondering by now, is there an adult onsite?)

Will: Well, he fell and his face is cut, it's um, like a centimeter and well, last time I did that to myself, I super glued it and it came out fine, so I super glued his face and I think he will be okay.

Me: You super glued his face? Please send me a photo, now.

The wonders of technology-a few minutes later a crystal clear photo arrives on my phone with Chase's closeup.

For a brief moment, I'm less interested in the cut and more wondering what sort of cell phone they use that the photo came out so clear?

We've seen much worse with 3 boys.

A few years ago, Tyler was playing street tackle football (yeah, I know, who plays tackle in the street?) and 'donated' his shirt to a friend who was shirtless.

He was re-thinking that decision on the next play when he was tackled in the street, we ended up in the emergency clinic on that one.

I am not sure what they super glued.

I don't ever recall super glue being mentioned during any first aid classes I took.

I am not sure whether to thank Will for acting as a pseudo paramedic or warn Chase about having people offer to super glue his face.

I'll probably do both.
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May 23, 2009

First thoughts

I am not sure what has possessed me to think I have the time or energy on any given day to maintain a blog. Who knows. Maybe it's Jordan's recent medical news...which by many standards is a drop in the bucket but nevertheless something that our family is going to need to adapt to. Maybe it's the fact that the last few weeks of work and the kids and Robert's schedule would wear out even the best of moms (and I know some great moms so I think it's safe to say that) and I hope to have a place to put the thoughts down. Not so sure about the publicness of this, we'll see. :)

My life is a blur on most days, there is doubt about that. I struggle on many days with a way to slow it down somehow, before I look up one day and all the things that I value or treasure have somehow passed me by. Unfortunatly, I cannot find the brake pedal that I need, as hard as I try and pray and plan every Sunday evening before the next week arrives, that will help me slow down and enjoy the smaller and more important moments each day. Right now as I type this, I realize I did not pick up my dry cleaning for next week which means what I wear to work on Tuesday is going to be VERY interesting. See what I mean by random thoughts?

Three boys, I remember hearing that a lot when I was pregnant with Jordan. "Three boys, what will you do, how will you manage?" Still working on that. So far, so good I think. We're a work in progress for sure.
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