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May 23, 2009

First thoughts

I am not sure what has possessed me to think I have the time or energy on any given day to maintain a blog. Who knows. Maybe it's Jordan's recent medical news...which by many standards is a drop in the bucket but nevertheless something that our family is going to need to adapt to. Maybe it's the fact that the last few weeks of work and the kids and Robert's schedule would wear out even the best of moms (and I know some great moms so I think it's safe to say that) and I hope to have a place to put the thoughts down. Not so sure about the publicness of this, we'll see. :)

My life is a blur on most days, there is doubt about that. I struggle on many days with a way to slow it down somehow, before I look up one day and all the things that I value or treasure have somehow passed me by. Unfortunatly, I cannot find the brake pedal that I need, as hard as I try and pray and plan every Sunday evening before the next week arrives, that will help me slow down and enjoy the smaller and more important moments each day. Right now as I type this, I realize I did not pick up my dry cleaning for next week which means what I wear to work on Tuesday is going to be VERY interesting. See what I mean by random thoughts?

Three boys, I remember hearing that a lot when I was pregnant with Jordan. "Three boys, what will you do, how will you manage?" Still working on that. So far, so good I think. We're a work in progress for sure.


brian on May 25, 2009 said...

at times you'll find blogging a chore, but for the most part i think it's therapeutic. and it helps to 'wind down' the day while you're collecting thoughts... i also like to be able to go back and look at last year, last month, etc... it's amazing how you forget what you've posted, and i often find myself re-reading my own past =) good luck!!

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