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June 18, 2009

Half Baked, Part I

June 18th. Half Baked. That is where I am at tonight. Half baked, half done.

Actually, there is a dual reason I decided to use that title, keep reading, there is a part II.

My husband left for work this morning at 5:30 am, I think. Normally, when he leaves, he is lucky to see the back of my head. I am just aware enough to scooch over into his space and relish the fact that I don't have to share the bed (or remote) for the next four days, but other than that, I am usually wonderfully oblivious when he leaves.

Not today.

I could not go back to sleep, at 5:30 am. Which, for the record, is well before when my normal alarm clock buzzer goes off.

I just laid there.

All kinds of random things starting popping into my head that we need to somehow get done, but have been unable to get started, much less finished (I would be happy with half finished projects at this point. Yes, I said that. I am sure I will regret it later if he reads this.)

New siding for the house. Pay off credit card bills. CLEAN the house. Get the kids ready for their week at camp. Make dentist appointments for all three of them. Repair Tyler's car. Sports physicals. Enough already.

I picked up the phone and called him. I am sure he was thinking that the either house was burning down, or masked men had kicked in the front door and were tying us all up and I had managed to grab my cell phone in a split second before they stole all of of our video games and TV sets(because we have nothing else of value in this house if you ask anyone that lives here except me), in order for me to be calling him at 6 am.

Nope, just me. Stressed at 6 am. Not a good way to start the day. As I explained all the things running through my mind, he pointed out that we did get a few things accomplished over the last four days:

The exterminators came and sprayed. Check, done. Silence.

Okay the bug people came and sprayed. Which might not be necessary IF I HAD MY HOUSEKEEPER BACK!

Or if someone, anyone, would pick up!

What about the bills that need to be paid?

And the dentist?

And dinner? Let's talk about dinner. I heard Chase tell Tyler tonight, "like, dude, I cannot rememeber the last time I ate real food, other than Burger King."

I cannot decide what's worse: the fact a 13 year old boy pointed that out. Or the fact that he didn't even ask me what's for dinner!

The next thing he said was, "I'm going to the pool party tonight, they are serving spaghetti."

Forget the bills, I seriously worry that my children will grow up, find beautiful girls to marry, and the poor girl will start to plan the wedding, get to the menu, and my kids are going to request Big Macs or Quarter Pounders as the main course. Their dad will be thrilled; mission accomplished. I will deny any genetic relation to them at that point.

I'm trying, but I'm tired.

So far, no utility has been cut off.

Nothing has been repossessed (although if that kitchen sink does not get cleaned out tonight, they are going to learn a whole new meaning of the term 'repossessed.')

But, I'm fading for sure and it's only June 18th. When does school start again?


Amy on August 28, 2009 said...

Totally feeling the same way today..just glad to read about someone else's day. Thanks for sharing

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