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June 11, 2009

Help Wanted

We've made it through a week of summer.

I think it's been a week.

It's been a fuzzy week.

We had to let our housekeeper go, long story, not blog appropriate.

I had wondered if it made sense to keep her throughout the summer because of the entourage of boys coming in and out and the fact that within seconds, I mean literal seconds, of her cleaning a room, it would be destroyed.

Why pay for that all summer?

So my house can smell like Fabuloso for $80 a week?

It seemed like a waste of money.

I thought of all the money we could save this summer. My husband even offered to pay the kids $20 per week to cover for the housekeeper (I quickly brought him back down to earth as to how likely that was to happen.)

Fate solved the issue for me and we found ourselves housekeeper-less about 3 weeks ago.

I was obviously not in my right mind at the moment I planned this all out.

I hate it.

I want her back.

Or someone who has the time and energy and wherewithal to wipe off counter tops after sandwiches, and not put bowls of half eaten Wolf chili in the sink and leave it there.

On Monday.

Today is Thursday.

It stinks.

I will give the kids credit.

They've made a semi decent, sort of, we know mom is gonna blow her top if we don't do this effort.

I want my house keeper back.

Or anyone who wants to volunteer.

I am sure I sound like an elitist as someone I know once commented on the fact that I have a house keeper at all. I work full time, my husband works full time away from home, and we have 3 teen age sons.

I will gladly wear that badge proudly now if someone will scrub the 4 day old chili and whatever it is in there that smells like sour milk out of my sink.

I am afraid of what the upstairs commodes will look like by August.

Scratch that.

I am afraid of what they will look like by next weekend.

There is no photo with this post for a reason...I might end up on one of those Oprah shows about messy houses.

I wonder if they clean your house for you if they make you show it on TV first?


brian on June 11, 2009 said...

it was a joke! (and that which you are not is spelled elitist =))

JustMom on June 11, 2009 said...

I was wondering if you would catch that. Blogs are not meant to be spell checked. I am sure Mrs McDaniel from 12th grade Enlish, whereever she is with her dress and a belt that left her large stomach hanging over the top, would AGREE. :)

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