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June 26, 2009

You know it's going to be a bad day when...

Your morning goes something like this:

Turn on coffee pot.

Take shower.

Go back for coffee and there is no pot.

But lots and lots of coffee on the floor.

You would think coffee pot makers would think of this.

Coffee is, afterall, usually meant for those of us who are NOT QUITE AWAKE WHICH IS WHY WE ARE MAKING COFFEE TO BEGIN WITH.

Do I sound like I need caffiene?

Yes! It's all over my kitchen and not in a cup, although I was tempted to try and use my hands or to scrape some off the counter into a cup. Or maybe suck it up with a straw.

Why aren't there huge alarm bells for this type of incident on coffee pots??

Something very loud and jolting like "HELLO MORON YOU FORGOT THE POT" at the sound level of a jumbo jet might have gotten my attention.

This was so not a Folgers moment.

Or is that supposed to be Kodak moment.

Or Folgers morning?

Whatever, you get the point!

Good thing I wasn't trying to do laundry.


Cafe Mocha Momma on June 27, 2009 said...

I've never forgotten the coffee pot, but I have had a mental lapse about adding the coffee itself to the basket. Those are the types of mornings when I put it in rewind, go back to bed, and try it all again 30 minutes later!

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