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July 4, 2009

Happy Mom Update

Like many working moms, last Thursday I found myself on the brink.

And I don't mean on the brink of my favorite coffee mug.

No, I found myself on the edge of just a total and utter collapse, physically and emotionally.

I'm feeling much better. We've called off the National Guard, EMS, and local authorities and told them to stand down for now. All's good fellas. Just another crazy working mother who probably has ingested too much Oprah and not enough hormones. Or maybe the reverse of that?

Those size 6 pants worked wonders. If I could bottle the feeling of fitting in those pants and sell it, I might be a gazillionaire of some sort. Kind of like Joy Mangano who I always see on HSN or QVC, laughing and smiling all the way to the bank as she sells cushiony hangers. Why didn't I think of selling colored squishy hangers?

Anyhow, I am feeling a little more than half way normal.

I was right on the money about Jordan not coming home though.

Jordan called last night and asked Robert if he could stay at his friends house for another night, which not so loosely translated means, "is mom there and if she is, is she wielding weapons?"

Jordan, if you are reading this: it's safe to come home, dad hid all the sharp objects from me.

I turned the Blackberry back on today but have come to fully appreciate the silence and freedom it brings being totally off and no one-friends, family, or work-being able to find me. I don't think my husband's cell phone has gone off with more unknown numbers since he has had it.

The people who know me well knew how to find me, and were able to do so.

Those who didn't know the secret code (Robert's well hidden cell phone number) just had to wait.

It was kind of funny-I got all kinds of random Facebook messages and emails from people looking for me. I might have even missed a smoke signal from someone.

Guess what: the world went on, and I feel fine. Well, much better. Fine is a strong word.

And 6 is my new favorite number.

I'm headed off today with my two older kids (who are brave enough to defend themselves and also have the ability to drive away, should I decide to suddenly go postal again) to watch our local mini-July 4th Parade.

(I love this photo from our local parade, because this photo is about 4 years old and I know all of these kids...they look like such babies here. )

Having just come back from Philadelphia, I treasure actually treasure this day and what many, many people went through to make it happen, during a period of history when such things were unimaginable.

SCREEECHH (That's the sound of a scratching record for those of you old enough to know what that sounds like.)

Sentimental/historical moment instantly over.

The doorbell just rang.

Maybe the housekeeper forgot something yesterday and is coming back to double check her work?

No such luck. Just one of the regular 13 year olds who uses our house as a second home, and 'needed water 'cause it's hot outside?'

Life is good. Stray teenagers and all.

But honey, if you read this, can you call and tell me where the scissors are?
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Zeemaid on July 04, 2009 said...

awww glad to hear things are looking better today.

I love your blog header. Lovely and I love the important people photo slide.

and WTG getting in those size 6 pants!!!

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