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August 22, 2009

Saturday Morning Confessions

I’ve decided that on Saturday mornings, I’m going to do a sort of theme: too-tired-from-working-not-getting-my-butt-out-of-bed-till-noon-confessions.

Why would you do such a thing, might you ask? Well, because usually on Saturday mornings I am in bed doing nothing particularly important other than trying to recuperate from the work week. And, I like to write early on Saturdays.

So, there you have it. Saturday Morning Confessions it is until I change my mind, which as we all know, could be by next Saturday.

I’m sure by now if my parents are reading this, they are wondering what sort of family skeleton I’m about to drag out of the closet. Keep your drawers on mom and dad, you’re safe. For now.

My first confession is completely harmless:

I am totally, utterly, hopelessly addicted. To Cheeze Its.

There, I said it out loud. Wow, I feel like a giant weight has been lifted off my back, I’ve come clean with the Cheeze It addiction.

I don’t know when this started, my addiction for those artificially colored orange crackers. But, I cannot get enough of them.

You know how the TV announcer used to say on their commercials, “Get your own box” in that booming voice?

Ha. You haven’t seen anything at my house until you’ve seen someone eat the last of the Cheeze Its.

You’ve never seen people duck and run so quick as when I open the pantry and, in a voice that WAY out does that man on TV, I say, WHERE ARE THE CHEEZE ITS?

Lord help the poor stray child that shows up to visit, gets hungry, doesn’t know the rules, and accidentally eats the last of a box.

We usually never see them again. They end up Cheeze It traumatized for life.

It’s crazy, I know, I cannot explain it, don’t ask.

I’m sure everyone has a strange addiction of some kind. Right? Someone?

I could eat these things for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In fact, sometimes, I think I do just that. There is almost always a box by my bed. And in my car. And in my desk at work.

I was thinking that if there is ever a Cheeze It Bake off on TV, I’m sure I could win. Except I cannot cook a darn thing.

But, if there is ever a Cheeze It eating contest, like the hot dog contests on July 4th, there ya go. I’m in.

I saw the movie Julie and Julia with Meryl Streep this week, and I thought, hey, I bet I could cook one recipe a year with Cheeze Its and blog about it?

Scrambled Eggs with Cheeze Its?

Cheeze It over baked chicken?

Do you see a trend here? I think it’s totally do-able!

I’m not sure I have much to confess every Saturday. And trust me, if it’s something major like I’m having a secret love affair affair with Brad Pitt, or I’m really known as the Lucky Jeans Bank Robber from Channel 2 News, you ain’t reading it about it here.

I’m crazy but I’m not stupid.

But Brad, if you’re reading this, I’ll share my Cheeze Its with you.

I’m sure Angie won’t mind a bit.


Nancy@ifevolutionworks.com on August 22, 2009 said...

I'm a Ritz cracker girl, myself. :) Though Cheez-whiz on it would almost make it a Cheeze It.

Stefanie on August 22, 2009 said...

Cheeze its?? Ewwwwwwww. Popcorn, now that is addicting. Though I will say chicken with crumbled cheeze its sounds interesting.

Anonymous said...

Cheeze-It: Medical Breakthrough – Cause & Effect Relationship

Prognosis: Scientists have determined that males with prolonged exposure to persons over-exposed to Cheeze-It become gaseous.

Remedy: Females avoid Cheeze-It; or, maintain supply of Beanos; or, use nose clips

Shannon on August 23, 2009 said...

It's okay Mr. Anonymous. I know where you live. Don't make me Cheez It your house!

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