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August 29, 2009

That’s Him with His Daddy’s Eyes

These are all my babies
Lord knows how we survived
The first one was hard and last was unplanned
What a big surprise
That him with his daddy's eyes. (Sugarland, The Very Last Country Song)

Today is Jordan’s birthday.

I love that song by Sugarland just because of that one verse.

Jordan was certainly a surprise to us, but I would never say unplanned, because clearly he was planned by someone with much more creative ability than Robert and I could ever dream up.

My third son, but I so wanted a girl.

I prayed for a girl, just about offered up the first two boys if God would give me a girl.

But, I remember clearly to this day getting the call that his pre-natal tests had come back at high risk for Down’s Syndrome, the flurry of medical tests that followed, and, finally, the high level ultrasound that oh-so-clearly let us know we were in for lots of testosterone.

I remember being in the ultrasound room, me covered in that stupid cold jelly they smear all over you, half naked, Robert crouched down by the bed, and the doctor saying, “well, so far the baby looks okay, but the only way to know is with an amniocentesis, which has about a 15% risk of a miscarriage. And by the way, you’re having a boy.”

Robert and I looked at each other and there was not even the slightest hesitation that, as much as I prayed and begged for a girl, that we would not risk the life of our third son with any test.

If he came out with Down’s Syndrome, so be it.

We looked at the doctor, thanked them, and waited five long months to find out those test results we’d chosen to skip.

Okay course, he came out fine.

Since the moment he looked at us in the hospital, he has marched to his own drummer.

If he didn’t look so much like our families, I would swear he was baby swapped.

But he is just, so, well, Jordan.

As one of his classmates told him in fourth grade, much to his dismay, he has a ‘strange nature.’

He loves Journey (or any other 80’s rock group) more than Jay Z.

If he tells you he doesn’t like mashed potatoes, listen to him, or they will come right back up, as will any food he doesn’t like. Strong gag reflex doesn’t begin to describe it.

He is sarcastic, funny, witty, has amazing comic timing, but yet once started to bawl because I didn’t tell him “God Bless you” when he sneezed.

He will sit through a horror movie without blinking, but when the movie ‘Bobby’ came out when he was in fourth grade, he became so fascinated with Robert Kennedy and his life, that he listened to ‘The Sound of Silence’ off the soundtrack 59 times in a row, until I finally threatened to delete it out of I-tunes for good if I heard it one more time.

And, lastly, I  LOVE the fact that he is probably going to be the tallest and biggest person in our house. How cool is that when you’ve spent your life as the youngest of three brothers?

He is the surprise baby, that continues to surprise us every single day.

And we are so, so happy that twelve years ago today he landed in our lives.

But we’re still arguing over whose side of the family that mouth and those size 11.5 feet come from.

It ain’t mine!


Nancy@ifevolutionworks.com on August 30, 2009 said...

He sounds like an amazing boy and so much like my own son. Mine is 9 and likes Journey as well. He marches to his own beat. He's a leader and not a follower and his polictical obsessions are Teddy Roosevelt and Richard Nixon. (I have no clue where these two came from.)

Boys are truly wonderful.....

11.5 size shoes? YIKES!!!

Stacey on August 30, 2009 said...

I also remember his name was supposed to be Dylan Reed and Tyler and Baby Chase calling him Dylan while you were pregnant. Boy hasn't time flown by...and 11.5 shoes?!?!?! Wow!

Shannon on August 30, 2009 said...

Ahhh Stacey he would fall out if he read that. Robert and I still joke about the Dylan thing. I love that name to this day. Forget Chase calling him Dylan, ROBERT called him Dylan! But I forgot about the Reed part until you mentioned it. By the time we got to the hospital we were gonna do Dylan Jack after my dad and it sounded like a sheriff so I changed it. :)
And yes, 11.5 shoes, which made Chase SO mad, his response was, YOU'RE ALL TOES so it doesn't count!.

Shannon on August 30, 2009 said...

Nancy- Where do kids get these political ideas, lol? On the other hand, mine has a mouth that makes your hair stand on end at time. If you didn't read my blog back in June, read this one:


Sooz on August 30, 2009 said...


jdemott on August 30, 2009 said...

Doesn't look like your families? Let's see some pics of Jordan and Jack.

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