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August 17, 2009

Turning 40 on Facebook

So it’s no secret, today is my 40th birthday.

I’ve been blogging, gabbing, texting and writing about this day for weeks now, it’s certainly not something I’ve made any effort to hide.

This is the my first birthday since I joined Facebook last fall.

The big day has finally arrived. I was wise enough to take off work today so I could celebrate in style and sleep late.

I eventually drug myself out of bed, made it to my beloved coffee and booted up the laptop.

Now, keep in mind, for the past 39 years or so, birthday wishes have been limited to random Hallmark cards in the mail, a few e-mails, and the required phone calls from my mom singing me Happy Birthday like she does every year, and my dad sounding all sentimental about me being another year older.

As the kids have grown up, I’ve been lucky enough to get a few birthday text messages also, which I am sure I paid out the wazoo for, seeing as how unlimited texting is relatively new and they were most certainly over the limit when they sent those.

Enter Facebook and 200 of my closest friends, family, neighbors and people I’ve never even met, that are collectively called my ‘friends.’

God, I love technology. What did we do before Facebook?

Instead of going to the mailbox and hoping to see a card or two from distant relatives and hearing my own voice echo back from an empty mailbox, I woke up this morning to hoards of birthday wishes, cupcakes, flowers, plants, cards, James Avery Jewelry and Farm Animals wishing me Happy Birthday.

All before 9 am.

Which was absolutely excellent seeing as how I didn’t have to walk to the mailbox and bare my Kate up-do to the neighbors before I’d had a chance to cement it in place.

The first birthday wish arrived from the super neighbor next door at about 12:02 am or so.

My poor brother somehow thought that he would get up at the crack of dawn and be the first to wish me Happy Birthday online, only to find out that he’d been beaten by a dozen other people.

I have a feeling I might never see an actual Hallmark Card in the mail again, which is just fine with me.

Well, I take that back.

Dad, if you’re reading this, please continue to send me your Hallmark card.

It’s the only one that still comes with a check in it.

As for the rest of my 'friends,’ from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Online cupcakes have never made a middle aged, working mom so happy.


Amy D. said...

All right smarty-pants, I sent you a card, all-be-it NOT Hallmark, but homemade...and it does NOT have a check in it, but I hope you enjoy it anyway (if/whenever it gets there, you know how USPS is...never mind that it was mid-week by the time I finally got it sent). Have a beautiful day! :)

Nancy@ifevolutionworks.com on August 17, 2009 said...

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday dear Shannon...
Happy Birthday to you!!

And BTW, the 40's have been my most favorite decade yet! Enjoy them!

SodaPrest on August 18, 2009 said...

Happy start to your 40th decade! Just found you today while looking for blog-friends I can relate to... can I relate to you? You sound too happy for my mood today! Normally I'm quite jolly but I think I'm going thru a phase (cannot be a mid-life crisis because I'm not old enough for that!). So, the deal is I'm 44, working too hard but am not sure why, the mom of an 11yr old male 6th grader, wife, homeowner but not a very good homemaker these days... feeling like life got away from me and using a new blog to reign it back in. Sorry. Didn't mean to babble! Ignore all that other stuff, 'k? Truly, Happy Birthday!

Bradi Nathan on August 25, 2009 said...

Funny, I just turned 38 and it kind of depressed me. Probably because I feel so young inside and because I can clearly remember celebrating my own mother's 40th birthday (she had me when she was 25)! Nonetheless, happy bday to you!

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