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June 20, 2009

Summer Fun?

If you read my previous blog from last weekend, you know I am once again at a Saturday swim meet.

This is our last full meet of the year.

There are 1600 people here.

I got lucky. Or smart. Instead of timing in the blazing sun, I've moved to the dark side and joined the parents who don't act as timers, and I'm sitting in the shade.

Sort of...

Shade or no shade, I think it's near 100 degrees.

My partner in crime parent Debbie just found out she is signed up to work concessions from 1 to 4. We stare at each other.

4 pm? Have we ever been here that late? I think so. This last meet is like childbirth. It's so bad every year, you block it out once it's over. And then 12 months later you find yourself knocked up again and wonder, why did I do this?

So, I'm sitting here and two girls who are about 10 open a cooler in front of me and yank out Jello shots. Like college style, old fashioned Jello shots. Red, yellow, green. Jello shots, little plastic containers and all.

I think I'm having a Pavlovian response of some kind.

Clearly there is no alcohol in them.

But there is some parent here who's idea of 'Summer Fun' is more in line with what I would consider fun.

I'm off to find the owner of the blue Igloo so we can work out a deal for next year.


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