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July 13, 2009

Disconnected Confessions

Well, I made it through my disconnected day just fine.

For the most part. But, I learned a few lessons.

I had a nice lunch with my mom and took the kid's cell phone with me, just in case there was any crisis like my house burning down.

I also took their phone because no one knows the number or how to find me on that phone.

What I didn't think about was that I don't know how to find anyone either.

Seems I'm so used to speed dial, the only numbers I know by heart are my mom, the house, my husband, and Pizza Hut.

I arrived for lunch early and thought I would call a friend to chat.

Ha. I had no idea how to call her!

Friend #2? Same problem!

I don't know anyone's phone number.

So, if you ever decide to disconnect, which I highly recommend, write down the important numbers before you leave or you will find yourself like me-wanting to reach out and touch someone and unable to do so.

I took 5 boys bowling, had a great time.

I think I spent more on the food than I did on the bowling. There is a poor soul at the bowling alley who appears to serve you food when you push the green button on your panel. Very popular gadget. Bowling has come a long way.

As we sat at the bowling alley, and the kids inhaled pizza and cheese fries, I noticed that one of the little urchins had an Iphone. Hmm.....

I said, so politely, ahem, 'Is that an Iphone?'(as in, I am shelling out the dough for bowling and food, fork that phone over kid...)

'Uh, yeah.' (Pause, he's wondering if he will get that back. He knows me.)

'You have a connection in here?' (my blood pressure is going up I am sure...)

'Uhhhhh, sort of?' (longer pause, now he's worried.)

'Can I see it? Please?' (Don't make me beg. But I will.)

He hands me the phone. I'm connected. Feeling a little guilty. But who cares, I was connected.

Really, I did good. I only kept it about 3 minutes.

Mostly because he was staring at me like, 'I'm not taking my eyes off you 'till I get that phone back, food or not.'

I realized I was on a 13 year old's time limit, I checked yahoo mail (not work mail), handed it back, and saw him start to breathe again.

It was good to be disconnected. Well, mostly. How badly do I need to check my e-mail at stop lights?

Next time though, maybe I will figure out a way to be like sort of semi-half-way disconnected?

Does that count?

And at least my mom did not flush the Blackberry down the commode!
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