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July 13, 2009

Disconnected Mom. Sort Of.

Well, today is the my day off of work so I'm trying to be disconnected from the online world.

As disconnected as someone who has been known to use the Blackberry in a bathtub can be.

I wasn't sure if I would actually TURN OFF my phone today, you never know?

Then, I recieved an email from my mom (see, there is a good thing to being connected) which to most people would have kindly appeared to say something like:

"Why are you on the Blackberry tonight?"

It was Sunday night...I guess she forgets that I use that thing to stay in touch with the kids.

When they are out at Sonic. Or upstairs.

Doesn't matter, that's my lifeline to the kids. Or at least that's what I tell myself.

HOWEVER, to those of us with Mom-o-vision goggles who can read through the not so lost in translation mom hieroglyphics, it really said something more like:

"If you don't get off tht Blackberry, I'm going to drive over to your house and drop that *&$%^#$ phone in the commode."

Well, mother knows best, right?

I've turned the phone off today. (Of course she will be the first one trying to reach me.)

I'm fairly well disconnected I would say, other than this one blog and then I'm done.

Waiting for the kids to arise so we can go bowling I think.

I wonder if anyone has called me?
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Stefanie on July 14, 2009 said...

I find it impossible to disconnect completely. IMPOSSIBLE. Wish I was better at it!

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