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July 9, 2009

Fairy Godmothers

Fairy Godmothers.

Every mom should have one.

No, not for yourself (although that would be nice, let me know if you figure out that one), for your kids.

Of course I am referring to 'Godmothers,' but when my kids were little, one of them (probably Jordan) started to call them 'Fairy Godmothers,' and the name stuck.

Like all good Fairy Godmothers, Aunt Jennifer (the Fairy Godmother who currently has possession of my two younger angels) has a magic wand that I don't seem to be privileged enough to own.

She waves the wand, and the fighting that is non-stop at our house, seems to vanish when they are with her.

It's either that magic wand I need but don't own, or her tenure as an almost 20 year elementary school teacher, and the fact that she can shoot them a look that instantly lets them know to straighten up or the Fairy Godmother will turn into the Wicked Witch. Who knows, somehow they get it. I can shoot that same look but hers is much more effective.

Maybe it's the fact that they have known her since birth. With all three of my children, Aunt Jennifer (who is not really an aunt) was at the house within days to see the new bundles and probably wondered if we were planning on re-populating the planet (which we were not. The Duggars off TLC are doing just find with that.)

And Fairy Godmothers have the luxury of never hearing about random male aching body parts or inappropriately dowloaded Itunes applications.

Last summer, when we made the trip to pickup the kids from their summer visit to Aunt Jennifer's Magic Kingdom, they sort of rolled/fell out of her car, punch drunk from the endless sodas, trips to eat pizza, hours in the sun at the water park. I'm sure this summer will be no different.

Yes, everyone needs a Fairy Godmother.

They fill in a void that most moms can't fill just because well, we have to be mom.

And if you try to be a Fairy Godmother and Mom at the same time, whoa buddy, big problems are sure to arise.

So, do what I did-find someone else to do the job, fill in that "anything goes" gap.

If you're looking for a Fairy Godmother applicant, remember this: Good Fairy Godmothers either have grown kids, or no kids: If you have kids at home, it a very bad idea to spoil someone else's children with yours around. It could actually create a mutiny. Plus, Godmothers with no kids around tend to be much more patient than those of us already outnumbered and low on patience.

One note of warning: If your Fairy Godmother is not married, you might need to be careful.

Jordan called me one day last summer when Aunt Jennifer had gone to run an errand, and he was rummaging through her fridge, (what he spends most of his day doing regardless of the location.)

Fairy Godmothers are not flawless. And ours is not a tee-totaler.

Aunt Jennifer apparently has a fairly empty fridge.

Empty except for the leftover Jello shots stacked neatly, front and center, that she forgot to hide, or move, or suck down.

Jordan called me to ask why Aunt Jennifer would have a bunch of little cups of jello in her fridge and did I think she would mind if he had a few?

Hello. I told him to back away from the Jello slowly, look for some Cheeze Its, and I hung up and called Aunt Jennifer and said she nearly came home to a house with some pretty goofy pre-teens.

We're going to pick them up this weekend, the quiet is nice for a few days.

That's the only thing about Fairy Godmothers...they never seem to want to keep the kids permanently; there is always a moment when the clock strikes twelve and they turn into pumpkins and are returned home.

Spoiled for sure, but that's what Godmothers and summer vacation is all about.

Bippity, Boppity, Boo!

I keep repeating that, hoping I'll get my own Fairy Godmother.

Maybe I need to switch tactics and rub a magic lantern?

Nah, I've got enough men around here.

The last thing I need in my house is an overweight male, hiding out in a lamp.
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Bradi on July 10, 2009 said...

I just wish there was a real tooth fairy... we're are in a recession aren't we?

Seriously though, having anyone to lean on whether it be a Godmother or friend, is essential.

I tried being a martyr as a working mom, it didn't work. Accept the help and know that you are only human.

Good for you for getting it right!


Shannon on July 10, 2009 said...

I could not agree more. Good friends, whatever you call them, are great for your kids. I dont spoil my kids but it gives them a break to have that special person who does. And I dont make a good martyr at all. :)

Anonymous said...

I am honored to be the Fairy Godmother! But seriously, are those the best pics you have of me???

Bippity Boppity Boo!Aunt Jennifer

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