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July 10, 2009

Say what?

All work and no play makes Shannon need a day off. Or Two.

There are a few signs that you need to use company provided PTO days, which I rarely use (stupid mistake, don't copy me,) but finally decided they are not there for decoration.

'Signs' is a nice way of saying I've recently noticed blaring, huge neon messages from my body saying, "I''m revolting, get rest soon or we'll be having a talk you don't want to have."

Last week, I went to an ENT because my ears were feeling stuffed up, I couldn't hear. Of course slective hearing can be a good thing, but this was not selective, it was irritating.

A co-worker said I might have fluid in my ear (made sense to me) so I went to his doctor.

This short little ENT dude with one of those light things strapped to his head that makes him look like a cross between a coal miner and doctor rushes in, looks at my chart, looks in my ears and says: "Do you grind your teeth?"


That's a good one.

Poor guy. He doesn't know that my daily routine looks sort of similar to the Tazmanian Devil on speed, chasing a few Road Runners, falling off the cliff like Wiley Coyote, and usually feeling as mentally awake as Elmer Fudd.

Yeah dude, I grind my teeth. Do you see ear wax? It's a wonder I haven't ground them totally out of my head, okay?

He promptly hands me a pamphlet and says, no fluid, you have TMJ. Poof, he was gone.

I'm thinking, okay TMJ sounds like a community college, what the heck is that?

I was irritated. I thought Napoelon Coal Miner had just rushed me out to get home early since it was nearly 5 pm already. And he is probably well aware of Medical Center traffic.

I got in the elevator, opened the pamphlet he had given me on my new diagnosis, and in big blaring letters: CAUSES OF TMJ: STRESS, PSYCHOLOGICAL....I stopped reading there....


People keep telling me I need to de-stress.

That is funnier than the short guy asking me if I grind my teeth.

And when would you like me to de-stress? In between waking up at 6 am and going to bed at 11 pm?

Someone suggested getting up at 4 am to exercise as a way to de-stress.

This gets funnier by the moment.

If I get up at 4 am, trust me, I am not going to be de-stressed.

Not only will I forget to use the coffee pot, I might forget to put my pants on, I mean something BIG AND BAD will happen.

Nope, 4 am is not a good time for me to de-stress.

I'm still working on the whole de-stressing project. Knowing me, I'll get stressed trying to figure out how to de-stress.

But, I took the first step and took half a day off to go to Fort Worth, with my husband driving the whole way, to attend a funeral and pick up my two younger children from Camp Dowhatcha Want, where, by the way, it's 104 degrees today.

Just reading that doesn't sound very de-stressing. Hmmm.

Well, I took off Monday as well since I don't know for sure when we are returning. Big slap on the back for me, the PTO computers will think there has been an error.

Baby steps here though, I keep telling myself, baby steps.

One cannot expect to de-stress overnight unless you have one way tickets to Maui, which I do not (feel free to donate me some if you have extra...)

For now, a night at the Sheraton in Arlington will have to suffice.

Between the funeral, heat, and sugared up children we are picking up, my husband and I will have some quality time together.

But if Jordan smells like deviled eggs, he's staying in Dallas.

Unfortunately, my sense of smell is not blocked.
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Theta Mom on July 11, 2009 said...

I think any mom can relate to this post. We always end up running around for everyone except for ourself! Good for you for taking a half a day off...I just kicked off Theta Mom Thursday, trying to find one hour within one week to do some thing for YOURSELF. We all need time away from "life" to get back in the game.

Wende said...

very well written and so very true.....I went to my internist last month for my onset of migraines again being coupled with a strange PAINFUL pain from ear to spinal cord...the OFFICIAL diagnosis - STRESS! REALLY???

When you get the de-stressing thing down, please share!!!!

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