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July 24, 2009

What's normal?

Guess what.

I actually had a day. An entire day. With no drama.

My coffee pot worked and I got the lid screwed down the first time, there were no strange women peeping in my front door window, no Lucky Charms in the grinder, no fist fights, no extra children, no incidents of Jordan using inappropriate language around large groups of people, no requests for snakes or pets....no nothing?

I am almost scared to type this because I know that just as soon as I hit PUBLISH, something will happen.

My biggest drama today was that my acupuncturist decided to go all pin cushiony on me tonight. I was afraid to stand up at the end, because I thought I might start leaking like a collander. I sort of felt like Sponge Bob walking out of there, all full of holes.

Just me. Lunch. Work. My husband is home. Normal life? I guess?

Somehow the normalcy of the normal day seems very unnormal?

To be honest, I didn't miss the drama. It was nice.

Now that I am thinking about it, I'm not really sure where everyone even was at all day? Oops.

Maybe tomorrow something exciting will happen? I'm sure it will...this can't last long.

Today is the official one-month-before-school-starts mark I believe (I never know for sure, I always have to ask another parent, but I think I am close.)

I've made it two thirds of the way through the mayhem and madness of summer and a housefull of highschool and middle school boys (and an extra mom here and there in the morning.)

We're almost there.

But if there are any teachers out there wanting to get a jump start on the fall semester....you know where to find me. I've got three volunteers ready to go.

Well, they might need a bath first. Then they're ready.

Okay I'm hitting PUBLISH. Let's see what happens....stay tuned....or stand back.

(QOTB:What's your version of a nice, non-normal day?)
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