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August 9, 2009

They Got Me

As most people know, I only get to check off the ‘under 40’ box on sweepstakes entries for about 7 days and 2 more hours, give or take a few. But who’s counting.

In the typical chaos that is my life, my husband decided to throw me an early surprise birthday party.

The fact that he managed to successfully pull this off with half of Houston knowing about it, and me not knowing, is in and of itself Ripley’s material.

Yep, they got me.

I was still in my snoopy boxers and pink Beatles t-shirt, no bra, thank you very much, when my mom and step-dad arrived. At 2 pm. It’s Sunday, okay, a lot of people are still in jammies at 2 pm.

Then my own mom totally threw me under the bus. I drug her into my bedroom to give her some jewelry, and told her I was changing clothes since I wasn’t expecting guests.

Actually I was thinking, dang, let me at least get a bra on.

The woman who gave birth to me then said, ‘Oh, it’s just us, YOU’RE FINE.’ KNOWING that as we stood there in my bedroom, my living room was filling with people!

I, of course, ignored her, got dressed, still without combed hair or makeup on though, and THEN I walked into a living room full of people tooting horns.

I don’t know what surprised me more. The people blowing horns or the fact that I suddenly had a house full of people, the maid isn’t due for a week, and I couldn’t remember if I had brushed my teeth.

I learned that as I had sat all morning around in my Snoopy boxers, my husband had two grills going out back and the porch filled with food.

The fact that he did this and I never noticed worries me. I’m not sure what the IST will say about that. I’m sure it means something not so good.

And, my middle child evidently is CIA material. Apparently, he’s known about this event for 3 weeks and kept it a secret. That was really smart of my husband. If he had told Jordan, Katie Couric would have been here.

At one point, my step dad accidentally pinched my super neighbor on the rear end, thinking it was my mom. OOPS! AWKWARD!

My father and my step dad (yes, my mom’s current husband, and her ex-husband) left the party early and toured every small bar in our area and introduced themselves as ‘my mom’s husbands.’ They now call themselves ‘husband in-laws.’

What do I say? It was an amazing afternoon with the people who mean the most to me; even Aunt Jennifer The Fairy Godmother drove fours here from Dallas, stayed at the party, and drove fours right back home for work tomorrow. And that’s why we call her the Fairy Godmother.


So, yep, they got me. I was officially very, very surprised.

But the next time I turn 39, could one of you PLEASE send me a hint to get out of the Snoopy boxers and put on some make up? PLEASE? 

And thank you to everyone who was here today. I love all of you.

But watch out, you know what they say about paybacks. ;)


Nancy on August 10, 2009 said...

What a great surprise and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!!!

Stefanie on August 10, 2009 said...

So great that your husband pulled it off!! HaPpY BiRtHdAy!!!!

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