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August 7, 2009

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I don’t know how this happened.

With all my talk of summer ending and sending the kids back to school, I somehow didn’t realize back to school is SO SOON.

Yeah, yeah, I know as much as I’ve talked about this ad nauseam, people probably have visions of me getting up every morning and marking a big X off the calendar every day like a kid waiting for Christmas.

But last night, Tyler poked his head in my room and said, ‘are we going to go school clothes shopping before school starts?’

I looked at him like he spent a few too many hours in the sun at his life guarding job and said, ‘Hello? Tyler, have you ever, in your 16 years of life, started school without new school clothes?’

He looked right back at me like I had been working too many hours as well and said ‘well, I know, but school starts in two weeks?’


Two weeks? How did that happen?

I mean, I know I was just discussing the sounds of summer ending and back packs and back to school. But two weeks?

Wasn’t August 1st just the other day?

Didn’t a nice mom e-mail me and let me know when the first day of school starts and it was something like August 24th?

I suppose somewhere in between the summer home invasion of the mini-male-tweens, flying to California next to a nice lady trying not to throw up on me, being stung by a bee as I dined with the rich and famous on the beach in Malibu, fumigating my home and car after summer camp, and my brother taking my uber-cute nieces and nephew and moving out of state, somehow I didn’t realize that SCHOOL STARTS IN TWO WEEKS?

I’m a wee bit panicked. How could this be?

With three teenagers, everything here revolves around payday.

And there is only one more pay day in between now and D-Day!

I’ve changed my chant from  OPEN, OPEN, OPEN’ to ‘HELP, HELP, HELP.’

I hope some of the grandparents are reading this.

I promise, when I was talking about our national forest of a family tree, I was referring to your ex-spouses.


jdemott on August 07, 2009 said...

My soon-to-be second and third graders start on the 17th. They have but one week left. Crazy!

Marian is going tomorrow to pick up uniforms. My list at Costco today already had "chips for school lunches" on it. (I bought a box of small bags of cheddar Goldfish instead.)

We got our first family dog today. My oldest was too sick to enjoy it. And, now, they've got a matter of days before school is back on. I kinda feel sorry for them. Well, just a little.

I kinda feel sorry for me. Reading assignments, spelling lists, poetry memorization, projects, and worksheets are heading my way. My kids seem to need a lot of supervision on homework, and it can be a lot to juggle with two younger ones in the house as well. I'm not even sure what additions to expect from third grade yet. What happened to summer vacation?

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