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July 21, 2009

The Real World....on a Tuesday

I still have people reading and responding to me in various ways about the blog yesterday regarding teens and the talk and beyond the talk.

By the way, the reason I have decided not to use the S word is not because I dont want to use it.

Please, no problems here with the word.

But if I put the S word in this blog, it will appear in all sorts of Google and random website rankings where I don't want the blog appearing.

So for now, we all know when I say the S word, it ain't swimming or surfing.

Besides the fact that I am tired tonight and feel like I should just re-post the original blog from yesterday, I did want to say that I managed to pull aside wonder boy and have a quick discussion on this topic.

Moments with him alone are rare these days, with the constant stream of kids in and out all day.

In order to protect his privacy, which is more valuable than, you know, my car, I won't go into much detail other than to say that he was very receptive, understood where I was coming from, and didn't seem the least bit embarrassed or uncomfortable.

In a nutshell, for those of you headed down this path anytime soon, I said, if you feel like a relationship is headed that way, find someone, anyone, to talk to about it first, please. Coach, friend, teacher, the Jonas Brothers, just someone.

He got it, we're good and I didn't even have to get graphic, which made us both happy, I think it's safe to say. Does that mean it's off my radar? Absolutely not. And I don't think it will be for many years.

And I will say that having heard now, first hand, the in your face account of this from someone else, any fear, apprehension, anxiety, sweaty plams-it's all gone.

At this point, I would rather have sweaty palms over THE talk, than sweaty plams over a new baby.

Funny how reality just slaps ya in the face like that.

With that said, on a lighter note, I will close tonight with (geez, I sound like a preacher, huh?):

My Five Top Summer Kid Phrases:

1.) There's nothing to eat. (usually 30 minutes after we've returned from shopping.)
2.) Why do I need a bath? I took one yesterday?
3.) My hair is crunchy in the back. (Yes. I've heard this more than once, just today in fact. It goes back to #2 I am sure. It's really scary, and gross.)
4.) When are you going grocery shopping?
5.) He hit me. Repeat. 15 gazillion times per day.
(note: I left off the classic 'I'm bored' because that is just a given.)

They leave Sunday for a week of summer church camp.

Maybe I could pay the camp to just keep them 'till school starts?

Or just not show up until like August 24th or so and act like I thought camp lasted a month?

Yeah, the camp might not go for that. But it's church camp. I can sure pray.

(QOTB: What's the phrase you've heard the most this summer from your kids?)
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Anonymous said...

If you went away
Would i have said all that I wanted to say
The words unspoken
reveal the broken-hearted way I feel
Is there ever a time
When I can find the courage to convey
What is in my heart and on my mind
Oh God, Please help me change
So that I may speak of things
Not so easily said
In the time that is right or not
So I may rest
If you went away

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