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July 22, 2009

Coffee Karma

You would think in my house, people would know by now not to come in between me and my caffeine. It's really taking your life in your own hands.

Most mornings, I sort of blindly half stumble and half crawl to the coffee pot, which as we all know, doesn't always work out so well.

Two weeks ago, my husband decided to buy us a new coffee maker.

Just like any good husband would do if he went coffee pot shopping without his better half present, he bought a coffee pot probably designed by a man and made for men, and surely made by some engineer who doesn't drink coffee. (Sorry honey, you know I love you.)

I made the mistake of trying this thing out on some random Monday morning, how dumb was that.

I should have tried it on a weekend, for everyone's safety.

This thing....first of all, it's stainless steel. So I cannot tell how much water is in there, there are no little white lines, it's a guess and the first morning, I was thinking, well, what the he!!, we'll just go for broke and fill the whole darn pot up.

Second, the lid to the coffee pot SCREWS on. And I don't mean like one little groove and the lid is on.

Ahhh, that would be way too easy for us caffeine junkies who need this stuff to function.

This lid screws ALL THE WAY ON, there are about 15 grooves that have to line up perfectly or it won't fit.

Yeah, whoever designed doesn't drink coffee because the object of coffee is to GET THE COFFEE, not stand there all morning trying to get the lid screwed down! Hello!

But Mister-coffee-pot-designer was kind enough to put words on the lid that say 'align here'.

Align with what? I need COFFEE first so I am awake enough to know what in the world I am aligning! I stood there 10 minutes trying to figure out what I was aligning, other than aligning that stupid pot with the window I was about to throw it out.

Two weeks later, I'm able to mostly align the lid, with the words, with the stars and the moon and somehow I've had no major coffee issues, and the world is good.

Until this morning.

I crawl in there, get the coffee pot matched up to the big dipper, turn around to grind my coffee beans and guess what:

Someone has ground Lucky Charms in my coffee bean grinder!

I know it's Lucky Charms because there is a half open box sitting on the counter, and I can see the nicely ground pink and green marshmellow charms mixed in with whatever else makes up Lucky Charms.

And, there are three boys sleeping in my living room, two sleeping upstairs, and even with no caffeine yet, the scenario is clear in my fuzzy head: one of them went in there, probably at midnight or so to eat a bowl of cereal, since we run a youth hostel and all and have a money tree in the backyard and can afford to feed 3 or 4 extra kids all summer...cereal...bowl....milk..coffee grinder! AHA! Nothing else to do...why not, lets grind up some Lucky Charms!

So...I very calmly dumped out the Lucky Charms, cleaned the grinder thingy out the best I could, ground my beans knowing I would probably be getting at least half of my daily required vitamins and minerals with my coffee and finally, finally got my caffeine.

That's okay...Two can play at that game...I wonder how long it's going to take any of them to notice the dry cat food I mixed in with their Cocoa Puffs? ;)

(QOTB: What's your morning fix, if anything?)
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jdemott on July 22, 2009 said...

Catfood in the Cocoa Puffs. That's funny.

Lis Garrett on July 23, 2009 said...

Grinding up Lucky Charms in the coffee grinder sounds exactly like something my kids would do. LOL! We have a very simple Mr. Coffee coffee maker. Fill it up. Switch it on. That's all my brain can handle in the morning. ;-)

Shannon on July 23, 2009 said...

Lis-I had that easy coffee pot but we returned it! Well, my husband did. It worked fine but when I would go to pour the coffee, it would all come dripping down the side. So, he took the cheap one back and got the stainless steel fancy one.

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